Why Device Updates are Critical For Your Business

You do things every day to ensure the success of your business. Pay your bills. Make sure your empoyees are paid. Go the extra mile for your clients. And make sure the doors are locked before you leave to head home. However, there is one thing you should be doing regularly to protect your business and chances are you may not be giving it the priority it deserves. Regularly updating your IT devices and software is critical to your business security.


What is an update?

Many aspects of technology can require regular updates – software, Operating Systems, security, browsers and more. You’ve certainly noticed your phone comes out with a new update pretty regularly. Or you’ve noticed a pop-up window on your computer or laptop telling you it was time to update it. Chances are, you may have even hit the “Remind me Later” button.

But there are reasons why you get persistent notices to update your hardware and software. Those updates are critical for your devices to run properly and safely.


What should be updated?

As we mentioned above, many “pieces” of your IT infrastructure need to be updated regularly. This includes software, operating systems, browsers and hardware. Hardware does not just stop at your computer.

Think about your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or mobile device – any connected device needs regular patches to make sure they are running optimally. (more on that later) In fact, there are other pieces of hardware that you may not think about but also require regularly updating. Things like your printer, router, firewall and network switch.


Why should you update?

There are three main reasons that these critical updates are pushed out.

  1. Repair a bug or glitch.
  2. Fix a security flaw or vulnerability.
  3. Improve the stability of the software or OS.

Hackers are looking for any crack in your armor to take advantage of. Any application or OS with a security vulnerability is an easy target for them. Their only goal is to write code that takes advantage of that flaw and infects your device or software with malware. Malware’s intent is to steal your data, destroy it, delete it or it can spy on you through tracking your computer activities.

With cybercrime costs expected to reach $2 trillion this year, there’s no doubt that it is big business. A strong cybersecurity strategy utilizes regular software updates and patches as part of preventive maintenance that keeps your business secure.


How do you update?

You now know better what an update is. You know what needs to be updated. And you know why device updates are critical to your business. But how do you execute these updates?

Well there are three key factors to ensuring updates are done effectively. What, When and How.

  • Take inventory of your devices and software – Your first step should be to understand WHAT needs to be updated and secured.
  • Frequency – Most major software and hardware manufacturers update their products once a month. So your update frequency needs to mirror their security patch releases. This answers WHEN you should update.
  • There is no one-size fits all guide to HOW you update. Each device, OS or application has differences. Some manufacturers will prompt you to install updates as soon as they are released and provide a link to walk you thru the steps.


If you are still looking for a place to start, we can help? Contact us using the form below or call us at 321-275-5580 and we’ll make sure your updates are done regularly and your business is protected. Looking for more ways to keep your business safe, check out our tips for how to create an un-hackable password.