8 Technology Solutions For a Remote Workforce

More and more offices have been going virtual for years. But with the recent COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, telecommuting has increased exponentially. So, as business owner what technology solutions can help your remote workforce?

You already know you want to transition your employees to work from home now to keep them safe. But you also want to ensure your remote team stays efficient and productive. Your business stays protected. And, of course, do all of this without spending too much money. Partnering with a knowledgable Managed Services provider can help ensure your success.

1. Full Utilization of The Cloud

This means moving in-office or phone servers and desktop applications to the cloud. If you’re not already using the cloud for these services, an IT Support Company can help get you there.

You may be asking ‘how can the cloud help me?’ First, putting your phone server or desktop applications in the cloud can allow your employees to access them from anywhere. Plus, when they’re in the cloud, servers and applications can more easily be managed remotely. Cloud services are also more scalable, reliable and affordable. And saving money is a good thing.

2. Security

An MSP can ensure your company data and network access remains secure even when remote workers are using their own devices from home. When employees are using their own desktops and internet connections or free Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop, it puts you at risk for cyber attacks. Ensure a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) with an encrypted connection is set up so that employees are protected on their phone, laptop, desktop and access to your data remains secure.

3. Cybersecurity Employee Training

A Managed Services Provider can provide training and proper guidelines for your employees to follow. We know you’re always thinking about how to protect your company assets. It’s important they know how to safely work from their home office and protect themselves and your business from security threats like phishing, malware and viruses (the computer kind).

4. Remote Support

With a remote workforce spread out all over town or in another city, remote support is critical. When a problem arises, your Managed Services provider has software that allows them to connect to your employee’s devices from anywhere.

Problems will be diagnosed and fixed quickly. Without spending time to drive into the office for tech support, your employees will be back up and running without leaving their home work space. This means they’ll be more productive – which means you’ll be happier.

5. Collaboration & Communication Software

One of the biggest challenges caused by a remote workforce is collaboration, which makes this one of the most important technology solutions for your remote workforce. You need to make sure that your employees can communicate and collaborate effectively. That includes communication with co-workers, vendors and clients.

Whether it’s video conferencing, screen share, document shaing or plain old chat, a Managed Services company is familiar with many communication tools that can help.

6. Virtual desktops vs BYOD

Struggling with employees that don’t have their own devices or a company laptop? It’s a common problem for many small businesses with employees who telecommute. Going virtual could be the answer. Virtual desktops can run on more economical thin clients and can allow your employees to work from home and save you a large investment.

7. Enterprise Level Antivirus

Basic home-level antivirus is not sufficient, particularly in secured industries. Extend your enterprise-level antivirus to home systems that will be accessing your network to create an added layer of protection. You may also consider deploying firewalls on top of individual’s home networks to create the same secure connection employees experience in your office.

8. Remote Access Policy

Prior to providing access to your employees, put in place a clear access policy that acknowledges that your company monitors whatever they do while connected. Employees should be encouraged to act as if they are on site even while working remote and reminded that punishments for doing something illegal or against company policy will apply.

The COVID-19 situation is ever-changing. Schools, churches, restaurants, parks and other businesses across the nation have been closed and events have been cancelled. While it may make sense to keep your employees on-site for now, we believe it’s important to have a plan should you need to close your physical offices. Getting these pieces of the puzzle in place now will prepare you to take your workforce remote and ensure your employees remain productive, efficient and focused on your business.

Let Innergi help you set your business – and your employees – up for success. Call us at 321-275-5580 or send us a message here. We’ll be happy to talk to you further about office virtualization and how it can work for you.

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