9 Essential Work From Home Tips

As Coronavirus concerns continue, more employees are working from home to help contain the spread. But working from home is not always as easy as everyone thinks. However, there are some essential work from home tips to follow that can help you succeed. 

Most everyone reading this has probably worked remotely at some point (even if it was a sick day where you still ended up working). So you know that it’s easy to get distracted and feel isolated. Now is the time to start building some good home office habits so that you continue to stay productive and efficient. Here are 9 essential work from home tips that can help.

1. Create a Routine

It’s easy to roll out of bed, stay in your pajamas and just start working. But one of the biggest keys to success is creating a routine. It’s a good idea to start and end your day with the same activities. 

That way there’s a structured beginning and definitive end to the “work” part of your day, without the “home” part of the day getting lost. Wake up, shower, make coffee, have breakfast…whatever you would normally do if you were going into the office is a good place to start.

2. Designate a Home Office Space

Working from the recliner sounds good, but a designated work space is better. Maybe it’s an office, maybe it’s your dining room, maybe it’s your back porch. What the space looks like doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you can step away from that space at the end of the day so you don’t feel like you’re still working.

3. Use a Secure VPN to Connect To Your Business Network

It’s important that you continue to keep your devices (cell phone, laptop, desktop) safe, and your company’s data, secure. So make sure your connection to your business network is safe by connecting via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Particularly if you plan on using public Wi-Fi at your favorite coffee shop.

Public Wi-Fi spots are notorious playgrounds for hackers, so if you’re planning on working there you definitely need to beef up your security. If your company needs help setting up a VPN, a Managed Services provider can help.

4. Take Breaks & Lunch

If your employer allows for breaks and lunch, take them. And don’t short change yourself. Believe it or not, when you work from home you have a greater tendency to start earlier and work later, so it’s important to step away during the day and give yourself a break.

This allows you to actually get up and move, which is even more difficult to do at home than it is at the office. Additionally, when you work from home you tend to barrel through a ton of work faster than you would at the office. So these breaks give your brain a much needed mental respite.

5. Get Out of The House

This is possibly the most essential work from home tips. We were just talking about lunch, right? Well, use your lunch break to get out of the house. When you are huddled up by yourself at home you can be very susceptible to what we like to call “Cave Troll Syndrome.” Protect yourself and leave the house a few times a week.

It doesn’t have to be to get the closest fast food for lunch. Take a stroll, sit outside to eat, run to the grocery store. Anything to get some sunshine and disconnect.

6. Utilize Collaboration Software To Stay Connected with Your Co-workers

There’s no doubt that working from home can make you feel more isolated from your co-workers. A good communication software option, like Microsoft Teams for example, can help you feel more a part of your organization. 

Sometimes being face-to-face is necessary, but communication tools like screen sharing, video conferencing, file sharing and chat can go a long way at staying connected and making you feel like a part of the team.

7. Make a Plan

If you’re a list person you will love this work from home tip. When working from home you definitely need a daily plan. It doesn’t have to be written out at length, but you need to remember it. Think about what you need to or want to accomplish today. And how you will do it.

A few minutes in the morning of planning out your day will help you stay focused and get more done.

8. Set Boundaries for People You Share Space With

Is your family home? Do you have a roommate? Make sure they know when you’re working and establish rules around when and how they should talk to you or contact you during the day. And what constitutes an emergency interruption.

This is another reason it’s nice to have a dedicated office space, because you can shut the door and block extraneous noise out when you need to. If all else fails, noise cancelling headphones can be a good back up plan.

9. Set a Finishing Time and Stick To It

It’s easy to let work bleed into your personal life when both of them share the same physical space. So make sure you set a time when work is over – and stick to it! Some businesses will allow you to work flexible schedules when you work remotely. But if yours doesn’t, it’s best to stick to working during office hours.

Working from home has a lot of great benefits. And currently, due to Coronavirus, working from home is a necessity. But it can also hold some challenges. Follow these simple keys to telecommuting and you can conquer the pitfalls and be more productive, happier and more efficient.

Does your business need help setting up a VPN or finding the right collaboration software for maximum efficiency? Contact Innergi at 321-275-5580 or send us a message here and we can help with those. Plus, make sure your business has other tools in place to maximize the telecommuting shift.