5 tips to create an un-hackable password:

Hackers are real. And we’ve all heard the horror stories to prove it. Whether it’s the latest Fortune 500 company in the news or your best friend’s social media account that got hacked. One way to protect yourself in today’s high-tech world is to create un-hackable passwords. A simple password is your first line of defense and it’s important to take some time to make them strong enough to fend off hackers that want to harm you or your business.

1. Use a Phrase

It’s true. Using a phrase can be a great way to make your password harder to crack. You want to be sure that your password is a minimum of 12 characters long, but the longer the better. Go ahead and integrate some you love to do to make it more memorable for you. Just be careful not to use information that is easy to access (like your birthday or kids names) in your password.

A great example of this would be “HeadingToTheFairway.”

2. Keep each account unique

We know this is hard if you’re trying to keep up with your passwords. But that’s where a password app like LastPass or 1Password can help you keep track of your passwords safely and efficiently.

Regardless, you just can’t afford to use the same password in more than one account. Think about it. If they hack one account, they now have access to as many accounts as you’ve created with the same password.

A good example of switching it up might be “PlayingGolfToday.”

3. Play with spellings

Take a different twist on the spelling of a word or use a homynym. For example, use the word “Two” instead of “To” or the word “Ant” instead of “Aunt.”

Playing off of our last example, let’s try this out. How about: “PlayingGolfTwoDay.”

4. Random capitalizations and numbers

To truly make your password safer, you need to incorporate capital letters and numbers. Try using an algorithm here that you can remember. Maybe you always capitalize the second word or the second letter of each word. Or perhaps you use a number behind the first word of each password.

Let’s continue to look at this using our ongoing example. It would look something like this: “pLaying18gOlftWodAy.”

5. Use a Password App

If you want to have an extra layer of security, you definitely want to try a password app. I mentioned this earlier, but it’s a great way to store all of your passwords safely and efficiently. You don’t have to remember them. They are at your fingertips. And they can even generate totally random passwords for you that are even more secure, which will go a long way in creating un-hackable passwords.

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